The older I get, the more I notice that I love solitude. I don’t want to communicate with my friends anymore, just want to run to the edge of the world, or vice versa locked in my tiny apartment, and just listen to music all day and read as many books as I can read…

I do not know why it’s happenes, just when I’m alone I feel so much better. I noticed that this trend is now observed in the majority of young people, so I’m not alone. Sometimes I just think that many of us are a little bit die after 18.

I ask the parents how they felt when they were young, I noticed that they were much happier and more sociable than we do. Sometimes I have a desire to sit in a rocking chair, begin to knit, generally start acting like I’m 60 years old. This is weird. Cause I’m only 19. 

It feels like because that is around us there’s so much equipment, constructions, we’ve lost ourselves. We do not want to chat with passers-by, we don’t need phone calls and letters, it’s all replaces the Internet. 

I also noticed that we’re a lot smarter than our parents, we’re adapt much faster  to the new discoveries of science than they do. We know about life much more, than they are in our years. In principle, we know more of the different information than previous generations, and it falls on us from everywhere: from the Internet, books, television, radio, advertising… 

In the conclusion of my reflections-narrations:

I think we need a little rest, it is very hard to cope with all our problems and not go crazy. That’s why we close and move away from the outside world. That is why we need to be so lonely sometime, that’s why we like this solitude so much.

Thanks to all who read these thoughts, I love you guys, you are the best :*